Success Stories : Claire Wilcock
Claire Wilcock

9st 13lbs!!! Supremely over the moon with that! This week, I've done a 25k bike ride and two solid gym sessions that have also involved cardio. Really glad I went for the 12 week plan - and now I'm just going to carry on doing it still - I'm seeing this as a permanent lifestyle change for the better. I cannot get over the way my shape has changed and how much fitter and healthier I feel after doing this. It gives me such a buzz when people in work actually ask me what I have been doing as they've noticed the difference, as well as looking good in clothes and feeling so much more confident about my body, something I haven't done for as long as I can remember. A big thank you to you, Non - it has been great to have the knowledge and the insight that you've provided, plus the motivation has been totally invaluable to get me going on this fantastic path.

Thank you again.



Personalised Female (12 Week) Exercise and Healthy Eating Plan - plus Skype Call with Non feedback...

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