This pre-designed exercise plan has been designed specifically for men to help you lose body fat and tone up.

It includes 5 cardio sessions a week for fat burning, and 5 weight sessions in the gym to help you tone up and build muscle.

If you have never done weights before, give this a try, it really does work.
There are videos demonstrating every exercise and your plan will give you every set and every rep.

This plan is guaranteed to change your shape, trust me!


Male - (8 Week) Pre-Designed Exercise and Healthy Eating Plan

This is my pre-designed daily eating and daily exercise plan that is specifically designed for men based on fat loss and toning up. Every meal for 7 days, and 5 training sessions a week. If you stick to this plan, you WILL acheive results. Every meal, every portion every day is included with options as well as every single training session outlined in detail every day for you as part of the exercise plan.    

20 Min Skype Call with Non

Discuss your plan and eventual goals in detail with this personal one to one chat with Non Evans. Simply purchase the package and I will email you to arrange a time that best suits you.
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