Success Stories : David Williams
David Williams

60 year old male decides to go on Non Evans 8 week plan.

Overweight and not allowed to drink alcohol.

No physical activity for 3 months due to fractured toe.

Started my plan on the 29 October,2014 weighing 113.70kg(251.7lbs).

During my 8 week plan I have walked 337miles in total and only had one glass of wine in week 7 and a few beers in week 8( on one occasion only.)

During this time no other alcohol was consumed.

Training exercises were not kept up to standard but I did do a few sessions but maintained vigorously the walking regime.

As a result at the end of my programme my weight was 97.10kg which is 214lbs.

So an overall success of 16.60kg or 37.7lbs.

My goal was to lose weight and to get fitter and this has certainly been the case.

So for a 60year old man to do this just shows what can be done with determination and following Non’s simple food plan(not Diet may I add).

At the end of this 8 week period I feel fitter, better in myself and although the plan has finished in reality its just beginning.

Thank you Non for your kind assistance and help during this period and for answering any questions I had.

I cannot thank you enough. A great inspiration!!!!!!!


Personalised Male (8 Week) Exercise and Healthy Eating Plan - plus Non feedback...

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Non Evans MBE
Well done John. another 5lbs lost this week and he’s even joined the gym!!! That’s 2 stone 6 lbs in 5 weeks and now……
Non Evans MBE
@marcjames12 It was compulsory!
Non Evans MBE
I had to have a ‘sex test’ by my GP before I was allowed to compete in Judo at the World Students games. How things have changed #Olympics
Non Evans MBE
Non Evans MBE
Great memories of London 2012 #OlympicGames #Olympics2020
Non Evans MBE
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