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So my Non Evans eight week plan has finally drawn to a close :-(

I thought I'd firstly tell anyone who's thinking of doing the eight week plan and anyone who's been following these blogs how the last eight weeks have been and then what lays ahead for me.

The evening before I started the plan I went and stocked up on all the food id need for the week. Preparation IS the key in my opinion and also helps the routine feel more easier.

That night I prepped the day ahead and whilst doing that I thought to myself do I go cold turkey or do I slowly come away from the lifestyle I was currently leading? I went the way of the cold turkey....reason for that was for me to feel the benefits immediately and that I certainly did.

Sleeping went from restless nights to full eight uninterrupted hours a night. Now I can fully function on six hours a night with no tiredness.

Aches and pains in my back and ankles are now non existent.

I will say the exercises were hard to begin with but after week two,again the benefits kicked in with the hunger for more each day.

Confidence started to grow when comments from friends and relatives noticed a change in my appearence.

In the final weeks I had to buy new work shirts in a collar size less,trousers four inches less at the waist. Also new jeans,shirts and T shirts also needed!

Bags of unwanted clothes now fill the spare room as these need to go to not only make way for a new wardrobe but also avoid any temptation to go back to my old ways.

To be honest I've had a few days of eating a bit shitty with it being my 40th bday and a week off but looking forward to getting back into the zone again tomorrow.

So what does the future hold......another 30lbs+ loss by the summer will see me lose a total of 60lbs+ which will put me at 16 stone!! That's a loss of 27kgs!!!! And how will I achieve's going to be a twelve week plan from Non!

Enough of me boring you know but I want to leave you with this......if you've been thinking about doing Nons plans then please bite the bullet and do it,it's one of the best things you could possibly do!


He has contributed with the plan and has contributed to lose weight. I am confident he will get to his target weight of 14 stone!


Personalised Male (8 Week) Healthy Eating Plan - plus Non feedback...

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